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 BVA hipscore 7:4 =11

 BVA elbowscore 0:0

 DM = n/n


Thalia - Talia zet Eurosportu - joined us  from the renowned Eurosport kennel in Slovakia owned by Josef and Taunya Mravik.  She is a long coated black sable girl with a world class working line GSD pedigree.


Thalia's mum is SG Thalia zet Eurosportu SVV2 & her sire is Italo zet Eurosport SchH 3 SVV2 IPO 1. Thalia's pedigree comprises some of the most impressive dogs from the world renowned z Pohrancini straze kennel who produced dogs with outstanding working ability and balanced temperaments.


Thalia is very bright and eager to please with an exceptionally high ball drive.  She is very sturdily built, strong, fast & agile. She also has an off-switch & is calm and quiet in the house.  She is currently being trained for her BH working assessment and for the sport of IPO.



Thalia's dam Thalia z Eurosportu

SVV2   SG rated

A hips A elbows

BST rating 5CV5/45 N    1 class

Thalia's sire Italo zet Eurosportu

SchH 3 SVV2 IPO1

BST rating 5CY5/55 P   1 class

pup in snow3 pup12wks10 blue Thaliapup Thalia head Thalia stand 1 Thalia's Pedigree basco3 galant30 noire4 demi22

Thalia's grandsire

VD Basco de Slovanskeho Domu

SchH 3 IPO3 FH1

Rating 5VQ1/ P II. TR.

Thalia's grandam

Noire di Dranel

SchH 3 IPO3 SVV1


Thalia's grandsire

V Galant Pohranicni Straze

SchH 1 IPO1 SVV3

Thalia's grandam

Demi z Eurosportu

SchH 2  SVV2


Thalia Darko Thalia10

Talia z Eurosportu