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BVA Hipscore 7:5 = 12

BVA Elbowscore 0:0


Breed Survey L/C Class 1

Talyn - Schwarzberg Zenni - is a gorgeous red and black longcoated girl bred by Mrs Penny Wheeler of Schwarzberg Gsds.  She is the daughter of Videx Delhi and Champion Ice vom Steinhauerberg who is owned by Videx Gsds.


Talyn is a sweet natured girl & is very gentle and loving.  She is very playful & is usually found carrying a ball around.  Her favourite game is searching for toys, particularly in the woods.  She has lovely conformation and movement and is extremely fast and agile.


Talyn really loves young children & my 9 year old daughter spends many hours "training" her.  


Tal is now retired from breeding after having produced 4 beautiful litters for us, many of whom have gone on to do very well in the show ring.  Some of these can be seen on the relevant progeny pages.


We have 3 of Talyn's daughters here with us. She does an excellent job of keeping them and the other girls in check!





Schwarzberg Zenni

Talyn's stunning sire

Ch Ice vom Steinhauerberg

Talyn's beautiful dam

Asia - Videx Delhi

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