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BVA Hipscore 4:6 = 10

BVA Elbowscore = 1

DM - Carrier

Taboo- Opalia Taboo - is the cheeky bicolour longcoated daughter of our own Thalia (Talia z Eurosportu) and Osketra Gsds' handsome Logan (Conquell Elite) who can be seen here:



Logan was the sire of Thalia's previous litter.  We were very pleased with quality and temperament of the litter and so repeated it to keep a girl for ourselves.


Taboo is a cheeky girl who loves to act the clown, particularly when having her photo taken.  She is extremely fast and agile  and like her mum Thalia & very quick & eager to learn.  







Taboo's sire Conquell Elite

Breed Survey Class 1 L/C

Taboo's Pedigree Logan Girl taboo3 Inki1 Girl bicolour Girl bicolour1 Girl taboo Taboo


Taboo 10 mnths3 Taboo 10 mths & Logan1 Taboo 10 mnths2 Taboo 10 months1 Taboo 10 months Taboo 10 months head Logan