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BVA Hipscore 9:8 = 17

BVA Elbowscore = 0



Soleil is the beautiful red and black longcoated daughter of our own Talyn (Schwarzberg Zenni) and the fabulous Faolin (British Champion Hazroh Ulk) who can be seen here:



Faolin has been a prolific winner at the British Regional Group shows, and has multiple V (Excellent) gradings.  He has produced a number of beautiful progeny who are following in their dad's winning paw steps.  


Soleil has the kindest temperament, she loves everyone and would like to be a lap dog.  She was shown successfully as a puppy at the British Regional Group shows, but has not been shown as an intermediate due to a lack of time. Hopefully she will make a return to the ring in 2016.




Soleil's sire

British Champion Hazroh Ulk

Soleil's Pedigree Faolin

VP1 Opalia Sunbeam



Soleil 23 mnths Soleil 18 months2 Soleil 13 weeks Soleil 23 mths Soleil 18 months & Fire Soleil 14 wks1 Soleil 23 months Soleil 11 months & Lula Soleil 14 wks Soliel Girl silver stood Soleil Girl silver 1 Faolin