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BVA Hipscore 6:5 = 11

BVA Elbowscore = 0



Shimmer is the beautiful red sable longcoated daughter of our own Soleil (Opalia Sunbeam) and the stunning  Polish import Yoschi (Yoschi Temperton vom Kazeti).


Yoschi has been successfully shown at the British Regional Group shows, and been graded V1 (Excellent).  He has also acheived the working qualifications BH, IPO1 and IPO2.  He has a fantastic outgoing character.


Shimmer is a very lively girl whose best friend is Java - much to Java's horror, as Java prefers a quiet life!  




Shimmer's sire

Yoschi Temperton von Kazeti BH IPO1 IPO2

Opalia Shimmer



Soleil & Shimmer 18-04-19 Shimmer nearly 2 Shimmer 18-04-19 Shimmer 18 months Shimmer 16-06-18 Shimmer 10months Yoschi stand Shimmer 18months