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Shade is the gorgeous daughter of Soleil (Opalia Sunbeam) and the stunning Quattro (Quattro v Steffen Haus who can be seen here:




Shade's close pedigree is full of dogs shown successfully in the UK and Europe.  She is a very strong unexaggerated girl with a huge coat. Shade has the sweetest nature and loves everyone and everything. She and her big brother Pan are always the first to greet visitors.




Shade's sire

Quattro vom Steffen Haus


Opalia Limelight



Shade April 19 10 mths Shade Jan19 Shade 13 wks Shade 10 moths Shade 13wks & Boos pup Shade 13wk Shade Jan 19 Shade 7 months Shade 7month Q 4yo