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Puppy Information

Opalia Gsds are members of the Kennel Club Assured Breeders Scheme.  Please click on the above banner to find out more about the scheme.  We only breed 1-2 litters per year, when we are hoping to add a pup to our family. As a result demand is usually high for our puppies.

Opalia puppies are born and raised in our busy home.  They are extremely well socialised from an early age and have the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of adults, children and other dogs.  Carefully exposing young puppies to the sights and sounds that they will normally encounter throughout their life, gives them the best opportunity to grow into well balanced confident adults that will easily fit into family life or a working environment.




Puppies are wormed regularly before leaving for their new homes.  They will be microchipped, insured and KC registered with a five generation pedigree.  Puppies are weaned onto the raw diet and are introduced to a variety of raw meat.  I provide a raw feeding guide and book to puppy purchasers and am able to offer advice with getting started on the raw diet.  We recommend Nutriment for owners who prefer to feed a pre-prepared complete raw diet and provide a voucher for the Nutriment puppy starter pack.




Each Opalia puppy wil leave with a puppy pack giving relevant advice on how to give your new pup the best start in life with regard to health, diet, behaviour and training.  For more individual advice, I am available via phone or email throughout your pup's development and adult life.




All of the pups' KC registrations are endorsed with:


     'R' - progeny not available for registration

  'X' - not available for export registration


This to help ensure the future of the puppies and the future of the breed by discouraging indiscriminent breeding.  All puppy buyers will be required to sign a contract stating that they understand these conditions before taking the puppy home.  The contract also states that should the puppy buyers be unable to keep the dog for whatever reason, that they contact myself the breeder.  We will take back, or assist with rehoming, any puppies or dogs bred under the Opalia affix, to ensure that no puppies or dogs bred by myself ever end up in rescue.  For more details of the contract please contact us to discuss this.





We will do everything possible to produce healthy happy beautiful puppies ready to leave at 8 weeks of age, however the rest is up to you.  All puppies require lots of time and patience if they are to become well adjusted adults.  As a professional accredited behaviourist I (Angela) am well placed to advise new puppy owners and am always happy to help, however not everybody has a lifestyle that will suit ownership of such an active intelligent breed.  As such, we reserve the right to refuse sale of my puppies to any person we deem unsuitable.  Loving and knowledgable homes are always welcome.




                                                    To contact us please                        or call: 07789 741374                                                        






KC Assured Breeder No. 3441832

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