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Ronnie (Sohn Von Akbar Vonthurlow)






Ronnie has a:


BVA Hipscore - 4:4 = 8

BVA Elbowscore = 0

Haemophillia = CLEAR


DM = Carrier




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Java and Ronnie are both large substantial dogs and have excellent health & characters.  Pups will be large & chunky with  happy confident characters. They will be suitable for all working disciplines and as active family pets.  This is a repeat of Java's previous litter, who can be seen here:








Java - Oplalia Maluku - has a litter by the fabulous Ronnie.  This litter was born in mid-March and will be ready to leave after the 20th May.  They are stunning chunky puppies with lively confident characters. All puppies will are longcoated  and red & black.  If you are interested in a puppy please visit the Puppy Info page to see how we raise puppies and the Contact Us page for details of the information we will need from you about the home you can offer a puppy.  








Java & Ronnie







Java has a:


BVA Hipscore - 6:10 = 16

BVA Elbowscore = 0

DM - Hereditary CLEAR






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Java (Opalia Maluku)







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