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Dino (Vonthurlow Carbon Copy)






Dino has a:


BVA Hipscore - 6;7 = 13

BVA Elbowscore = 0

Haemophillia = CLEAR





DNA Profiled







Taboo are both stunning dogs and have excellent health & characters.  Pups are large & chunky with  happy confident characters. They will be suitable for all working disciplines and as active family pets.  Pups from Taboos' previous litters are competing in obedience and working trials. This is her final litter for us. Some of the beautiful GSDs she has already produced, can be seen here:







Taboo - Oplalia Taboo - has a litter by the stunning Dino (Vonthurlow Carbon Copy) who is owned by Chris Maskell of Vonthurlow GSDs.  This litter was born at the end of June and will be ready to leave after the 18th August.  All puppies are longcoated  and either bicolour or dark red/tan and black.  If you are interested in a puppy from this litter please visit the Puppy Info page to see how we raise puppies and the Contact Us page for details of the information we will need from you regarding the home you can offer a puppy.  








Taboo & Dino







Taboo has a:


BVA Hipscore - 6:4 = 10

BVA Elbowscore = 1

DM - carrier




To see more of Taboo:                                                       





Taboo (Opalia Taboo)







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