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Loki - Kazeti Jutta at Opalia - is a beautiful red and black longcoated girl from excellent German bloodlines.  She was bred by Karen and Doug of Kazeti Gsd's, and is a daughter of the stunning Axel (Gayville's Sammo at Kazeti) and beautiful Mia (Kazeti Akia).


Loki has the most laid back personality, her favourite things in life are playing and sleeping.  She thinks all sofas were made for her.



Loki has produced two small but beautiful litters for us. She was a perfect mum & really loved every minute.  More information & pictures can be found here:


Loki is now retired from breeding.






BVA Hipscore 4:5

BVA Elbowscore 0:0





Mia axel

Loki's beautiful mum Mia

- Kazeti Akia

Loki's stunning dad Axel

- Gayvilles Sammo at Kazeti

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Kazeti Jutta at Opalia

Loki Pups