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BVA Hipscore 6:10 = 16

BVA Elbowscore = 0

DM = Clear by parentage

Java- Opalia Maluku- is the stunning dark red & black longcoated daughter of our own  Talyn (Schwarzberg Zenni) and Osketra Gsd's handsome Logan (Conquell Elite) who can be seen here:



Java is the image of her fabulous sire in both looks and character. Her best friend (and acomplice) is her half sister Taboo who is also a daughter of Logan. Java grew a little too tall for showing but has many attributes including intelligence and excellent structure, She is very eager to please and easy going which makes her very pleasant to live with.







Java's sire V (Excellent) Conquell Elite

Breed Survey Class 1-  L/C

Java's Pedigree

Opalia Maluku

Logan Blue 4weeks Blue 5 weeks Blue 5 weeks2 Blue 7 weeks Java 9wks Java 8wks Java 7mths & Taboo Java 17 wks Java 17wks & Darko Taboo & Java Java 1yo Logan