Opalia Banner Fire 19 months dougie.

BVA Hipscore 6:5 = 11

BVA Elbowscore = 1:1

DM = Clear by parentage

Breed Survey = Class 1 L/C

Fire is the beautiful red and black longcoated daughter of our own Talyn (Schwarzberg Zenni) and the wonderful Dougie (Conbhairean Lauser) who can be seen here:



Dougie was unbeaten at the British Regional Group shows in 2011, gaining a V (Excellent) 1 grading at every show.  He was also the first ever Longcoat Male British Seiger.  He has an outstanding temperament & holds the BH working qualification.  


Fire is very sweet natured and loving but can also be quite the diva.  She has been successfully shown at the BRG shows throughout 2012 & 2013. At the British Sieger event in September 2012 Fire was the L/C Puppy Siegerin, her sister Theia (Opalia Ember at Firesrye) was VP3.  Fire has achieved 5 x SG1 the highest grade available for her age in the Intermediate classes she has been shown in. She also achieved 2nd place in the BRG Top Ten L/C females 2012.




Fire's sire

V1(UK) Conbhairean Lauser

Fire's Pedigree Orange girl Orange girl1 Dougie Fire

V Opalia Bonfire

251655_4261021478996_1449128765_n Fire Fire SG1 Fire1 Fire 060413a Fire 060413b T & Fire