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Darko is my wonderful boy. Affectionately known as "The Monster", Darko is an enormous boy with an even bigger personality.   I think the world of Darko, once met he is truly never forgotten.  He is easily the most loving dog I have ever known & I and many others have been almost flattened by his "love".  Darko loves absolutely everyone  he meets, whether or not they feel the same.


Darko has a huge amount of energy & work drive and for such a big dog is extremely fast.  He is utterly fearless & bold to a fault.  Originally trained for Working Trials, he will unfortunately be unable to fulfill his potential due to an injury when he was a youngster, he has since been retired.  Regardless he will continue to entertain everyone he meets & hopefully teach everyone that Gsds, however ginormous, are nothing to fear.


We sadly lost Darko 2 days before his thirteenth birthday.  He left a monster sized hole in our lives.




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